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Below are several versions of the Bennion Family Tree. Some are available to all website visitors, but for full access to all versions, you must be a registered family member and currently logged in. To register for the first time, or to log in, please use the menu items in the left hand column of this page.
  1. The "Live" Bennion Family Tree: This tree attempts to include all ancestors and descendants of John Bennion (born 1786) and Elizabeth Roberts (born 1790). Inevitably, this family tree is a "permanent work in progress", as births, marriages, and deaths occur almost daily in such a large family. And, we know there are some errors, but we're not sure where! We appreciate in advance your help in making it better. We invite registered family users to download this tree, fix any errors, update the information to include their family members, and re-submit the updated file to us. After a quality control check and merging with other updates, we will regularly post the latest version of the tree. The initial version of this tree was based upon the book Bennion Family of Utah volume II, so we believe it is reasonably accurate through 1963, the publication date of that book. With your help, we hope to bring this tree into the 21st century!

    If you are not registered and logged in, the information on living individuals (and individuals whose death has not been confirmed in our database) will not be displayed.

    Date of most recent update: 5 March 2012 (by checking here regularly, you can make sure you're working with the latest version).

    How to view the tree: After clicking on the icon below, you will see a "Search for Names" page. Enter a name of somebody on the tree, then click on the "search" button at the bottom of that page. You will then see a list of all the people in the tree with that name (for example, all the people named John Bennion). Click on the person you want to see. That will take you to a page with all the information we have on that person. Across the top of that page, click to see that person's ancestors or descendants, and that will take you into the family tree. From there you can navigate around the tree - it's much too big to view in a single window. Happy browsing! If you have questions, please contact our webmaster, Matt Bennion, using the contact us link on the left.

    How to submit changes/additions: You may simply contact our webmaster, Matt Bennion, through the contact us link on the left with your suggested changes/additions. If you have lots of names to add, please put them into a PAF or GEDCOM file and attach them to the message. We intend to update monthly. Feel free to contact Matt with questions or suggestions.

  2. Ancestral Family Tree: This tree begins with the family of John Bennion (b. 1786) and Elizabeth Roberts (b. 1790) and extends backwards towards their ancestors and downwards for their descendants into the early 1900s, as we are trying to limit this version of our tree to deceased persons. The tree is contained in a GED file, which can be shared among most genealogical software programs and can be used to generate pedigree charts, family group records, and several other common genealogical forms. The Bennion Family Association has prepared the GED file below for all the currently known ancestors of John Bennion (1786-1846) and Elizabeth Roberts (1790 - 1830) and their children and grandchildren. This file includes the completed LDS temple ordinance data for all the people identified.

    Click here to download a zip file of JohnAndElizabethBennion.ged (92 KB)
    If you feel that you have information to add to this file that may be helpful to others, please contact us.

  3. Public Versions: Links to other publicly available versions of the Bennion Family Tree found on other websites. If you become aware of any additional Bennion family trees on the web, please let us know and we'll add the links here, along with a brief explanation of how the referenced tree in the link relates to our Bennion Family Tree. Some of these website may require registration and/or a fee. We'll try to be a source of information about the potential value of these sites - some may be useful; others may be thinly veiled attempts to separate you from your wallet! But we don't make any warranty about the accuracy or appropriateness of these third party websites.
    • - this website allows people to enter their own family tree information, and to link to other family trees. For an overview, we suggest you read the entry on at There are several versions of the Bennion Family Tree, both ancestral and descendant, on this website. Registration is required for access; the basic version is free; the "pro" version is a paid subscription. One of the strengths of this site is that photos can be included.
    • - this website is operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and contains much data from all over the world. Unfortunately, there are many duplications and errors, so please be careful. Getting the errors corrected is a somewhat difficult and time-consuming process, and the Bennion Family Association is seeking volunteers to help us in this process. If you can help, please contact us.
    • Please tell us about any other versions with which you are familiar!

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